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Calculation of motion RAOs (Response Amplitude Operators) using Fourier Transform (MATLAB)

An example of using MATLAB to derive the motion RAOs of a body induced by a regular wave. The method can also be applied for obtaining the dominant component in a signal. load ex_fromPointTracker20190416.mat % data from image processing Aamp=; % wave cond of no WEC no wind Prd=[0.70 0.900 1.00 ...

Find wave period and wave amplitude from water tank experiment (regular wave)

An example of using MATLAB to find out the wave period and wave amplitude from experimental data. Toolbox used in this example (verified in R2015b): Signal Processing Toolbox f=240; % sampling frequency in Hz Ts = 1/f; K = 1.5/0.985; % gain of the amp (voltage to wave height) period=zeros(1,7); Amp = zeros(1,7); for i=1:7 filename = ; data ...

Fluid-memory model (Retardation function): comparison between convolution calculation and linear models

One approach to develop time-domain model of marine structure is using Cummins equations: (1)   where is the generalized mass matrix, is the constant infinite-frequency added mass, is restoring coefficient, is the impulse response function usually referred to the retardation or memory functions, is the wave exciting force and ...

Fourier Transform and Inverse Fourier Transform for Signal Processing in MATLAB

matlab codes of Fourier Transform and Inverse Fourier Transform. Examples are also provided.

Coding and Debugging Programs in S-Function Builder by Visual Studio

Programming by S-Function Builder is an effective way to embed algorithms. There are many comprehensive examples/tutorials provided on Internet. Here, I just try to summarize the main points. The debugging method using Visual Studio will also be included.

Irregular ocean wave generation codes for MATLAB/Simulink

Irregular wave generation based on PM spectrum was studied and codes for MATLAB were presented. The functions can be simply utilized for the simulation in Simulink using MATLAB function block.