When working toward my master degree and Ph.D degree, I spent a lot of time on programming to understand the idea in previous studies and to illustrate my research. Though the programs are the footprints of my growing, many of them are lost.  I feel urgent that if I do nothing for them, I may lose all of them and leave the regret in my heart. This is not how well my programs would be, but the painstaking effort cannot have any positive effect on our community. The newcomer in our research topics may repeat what I have done without any improvement. Or, if someone tries to utilize my research, he may have to spend much time on the programs, exactly what I have already done. Though people may learn something during the programming, I think it is better to spend less time on understanding previous studies and have more time on his own original research!

I talked about this with some friends in my research group, and they have the same feeling with me. Though some refined results of the programs might be published in some papers, the essence, say, the codes, is  usually kept in house. This actually prevent the contribution to our society. To help our successor, open source of our codes becomes very important.

Currently, there are many platforms on internet focus on helping people share their projects and codes. Some of them have done very well. Actually, I also benefited a lot from the platforms. However, most of them are not for education purpose. The contributors, however, do not guarantee the effectiveness and the repeat-ability of  their codes. We hope we can do some improvement here. Each post is expected to be a tutorial of some topics, including codes and their explanation.

Additionally, this site is also made to be a platform to share your codes related to author’s published papers. By sharing your codes, the credit quality of the papers can be considerably improved and so as the citation.

To avoid legal disputes, authors have to check if you are endowed with the right to share your posts and codes. We do not bear any legal liability for authors when they infringe any copyright.