I. Dynamic response analysis of marine structure

  1. Irregular wave generation
  2. Hydrodynamics
  3. Real-time implementation of hydrodynamics in MATLAB/Simulink
  4. Structure model in Simulink using SimMechanics
  5. Numerical example of spar-type floater
  6. Data processing (motion analysis, motion spectrum, motion RAO, etc.)

II. Dynamic response analysis of wind turbine

  1. BEM theory
  2. Aerodynamics on airfoil, blades, rotor
  3. Aerodynamics on tower
  4. Beam dynamics using SimMechanics
  5. Structure model of blades in Simulink
  6. Structure model  of NREL 5MW wind turbine
  7. Dynamic analysis of NREL 5MW wind turbine

III. Dynamic response of floating offshore wind turbine

  1. Combination of wind turbine and floater
  2. Mooring system
  3. Structure model of the FOWT in Simulink (using SimMechanics)
  4. Dynamic analysis